Fixed Income Relative Value
Fixed Income Relative Value Strategies seek to generate uncorrelated alpha in liquid fixed income and derivatives markets of developed economies worldwide while minimizing interest rate risk.
Convexity/Asymmetric Portfolios
Convexity/Asymmetric Strategies products are multi-strategy with an emphasis on long volatility. III seeks to create low cost sustainable optionality, positive convexity and a negative correlation to risk assets through its use of a diverse mix of outright options strategies and relative value structures.
Long/Short Credit
Long/Short Credit includes convertible arbitrage (“convert arb”), long/short equity and other long/short credit strategies that seek to generate uncorrelated alpha by taking advantage of relative mispricings within these markets. We manage portfolios that are focused entirely on convert arb or other long/short strategies, as well as broader, multi-strategy long/short credit funds.
Long Only Credit
Long Only Credit Strategies seek to generate significant returns using long only structured credit products with no repo leverage or derivatives use. We seek to identify the most attractive risk/reward opportunities which we believe have lower principal risk than other similarly rated credit asset classes due to levels of subordination. We seek to actively rotate our holdings to take advantage of pricing dislocations.